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Treating Migraine with the sTMS mini by eNeura

Advanced migraine science:
A non-drug prevention and treatment option


Important studies

  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation for migraine: a safety review.

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  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation and potential cortical and trigeminothalamic mechanisms in migraine.

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The sTMS mini is prescribed by headache clinicians.

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My gain

Time with your friends and family. The ability to focus on your work. Pain-free days when you feel clear instead of bleary.

Take back what migraine has taken away from your life with the help of the sTMS mini and personal support from the eNeura Migraine Care Team.

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My gain

For the first time in years, I have headache-free days.
— 48-year-old female
Indication: The sTMS mini™ by eNeura® is indicated for the prevention and acute treatment of migraine.